Flat Fee Checking

FNB’s Flat Fee Checking allows you to make up to 50 transactions (checks paid and external preauthorized withdrawals) for a flat fee of $10.00 per statement cycle. This account does not require that you maintain a minimum balance. A flat fee of $10.00 will be charged each statement cycle.

Opening Minimum Balance: $100


  • Convenient… funds may be accessed by check, ATM, or check card
  • Easy to plan monthly expenses
  • Free ATM transactions (they are not counted in the 50 debit maximum)
  • Account information can be obtained through (770) 385-BANK (our 24-hour telephone banking system)


  • A monthly maintenance fee of $10.00 will be charged each statement cycle.
  • A debit fee of $.25 will be charged for each debit transaction in excess of 50 during a statement cycle
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