First Newton Bank welcomes you

First Newton Bank now offers online banking, a convenient and safe way for customers to do their banking without the assistance of a banker. This channel is available to you whenever you desire, and wherever Internet access is available.

Access your accounts, pay bills, transfer funds, and build reports online. It’s safe, easy, and convenient! Sign up today and receive 90 days FREE access. For more information, see our online banking.

A Little History

1998 marked the 35th Anniversary of First Newton Bank! From its beginnings in August of 1963 with total assets of $900,000 FNB has grown to more than $245 million in total assets. FNB attributes this success to careful management and customer dedication. The bank continues to grow and make changes to better serve its customers. However, one constant remains … FNB believes that the best service is local service and we continually strive to preserve the ‘hometown’ spirit and ideals that make our communities great places to live.

Mission Statement

First Newton Bank’s mission is to provide financial services in the bank’s designated trade area while emphasizing quality customer service. The bank intends to be a commercial institution with above average asset quality and to provide opportunities in a working environment that is conducive to retaining excellent employees.

If the bank is successful in achieving these goals, its primary objective of creating shareholder value for its stockholders will be accomplished.

Vision Statement

First Newton Bank will strive to become a Market-Driven and Customer-Based institution, while consistently seeking a sales environment and maintaining high standards of quality customer service. We believe that customer satisfaction is achieved through our interest and ability to uncover needs and offer the best solution possible, which can be achieved through product knowledge, motivation, and training. In Sweden we use the brand Creddit. For more information, visit (Swedish) for more information.

We will continuously strive to understand the needs of customers and focus on the bank’s overall strategy of delivering the best perceived value, building loyalty, and generating new business and referrals.